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Aluplast European Tilt & Turn Windows by DenCo

Denver based DenCo is pleased to offer the sale and installation of Tilt and Turn Windows manufactured with Aluplast technology. Tough, attractive and offering a range of motion that traditional windows never did, Tilt and Turn Windows are the windows our ancestors wished they had. Please take a moment to peruse the following information on the features and benefits of European Tilt and Turn Windows.

Impact Strength

Tilt & turn window profiles extruded from Aluplast U-PVC compound are outstanding for their resistance to fracturing, which is particularly evident at temperatures below 0° C.

Weather Resistance and Colour Stability

Aluplast U-PVC tilt & turn profiles have outstanding weather resistance and colour stability. These important characteristics have been confirmed by more then twenty five years of actual use. Aluplast U-PVC European tilt & turn windows also possess high resistance to the various pollutant effects of an industrial atmosphere.


Aluplast U-PVC tilt & turn windows and doors feature eco-friendly UNLEADED stabilizers.

Insulation and Savings

Aluplast U-PVC tilt & turn windows can save up to 35% of your energy costs because aluplast U-PVC profiles have high thermal and acoustic insulation performance.

Minimal Maintenance

The new and pristine look of Aluplast U-PVC is simply maintained by occasional cleaning and with a mild soap or detergent or soapy water. Aluplast U-PVC frames are constructed of weather proof vinyl material that does not require painting or staining. All hardware, gaskets, weather-striping and glazing can be easily replaced without removing the frame from the structure. Tilt & turn window and door hardware may only need occasional lubrication.


Aluplast U-PVC frames will not rust or corrode. They will not split, warp, twist or deform from extreme summer heat or cold. Aluplast U-PVC is treated with special additives making the material extremely tough and durable. We refer to this as ‘Impact Modified’.

Combustion Resistant

Aluplast U-PVC window frames are self extinguishing and will only burn when subjected to an external heat source. Fire testing research showed that Aluplast U-PVC windows do not exhibit any aspects of combustion that could create additional hazards involving structure fires.

Weather Performance

Properly installed, Aluplast U-PVC windows and doors have outstanding weather resistance and comply with the requirements of all relevant standards.

Design Capabilities

Aluplast U-PVC European window designs reproduce most existing and traditional styles. Aluplast U-PVC tilt & turn windows and doors are both durable and low maintenance, making them the best and most cost effective option material for windows and doors.

  • 2 3/8″ profile Depth
  • Thermal insulation value of the standard combinations Uf = 1.6 W/m²K
  • Glazing thickness 1″
  • Outstanding sound insulation up to Sound Transmission Class IV (43 dB)
  • Available in different profiles
  • Concealed drainage optional
  • 3-chamber backstop gasket system with two sealers
  • Special security hardware guarantees the highest level of burglary protection
  • Our most common colors are walnut and white, however custom colors are available.
  • Minimum size 20″ – Maximum Size 96″
  • Window frame is steel reinforced