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Wital European Tilt & Turn Windows

European Norms

The products of the Wital brand meet the requirements of European standards. Socially responsible, Wital takes care of the environment by using calcium zinc stabilizers to produce and post-production waste is fully recycled. The above mentioned strengths testify to Wital Windows strength, stability and potential that is constantly developing.

Wital 7000 LUX

  • Five-chamber construction provides ideal thermal protection.
  • Rounded shapes of frames of frames and sashes provide an attractive and modern appearance
  • 114 mm height of frame and sash allows for glazing of large surfaces and better lighting of the rooms
  • An environmentally-friendly system due to the use of lead-free stabilizers
  • Possibility of using half-face and non-faced sashes
  • Heat transfer coefficient for the reference window* Uw = 1,1 @/m2*K (for the glass-pane Ug = 0,7 W/m2*K)
  • A wide selection of veneer profiles assures making good choices to suit various stylings

Wital Prestige

  • 6-chamber profile system and a possibility of using three-pane packets ensures excellent thermal and acoustic parameters
  • The profiles use environmentally friendly calcium-zinc stabilizers
  • Rounded shapes provide characteristic and modern styling and the large fitting chamber assures high stability
  • Eight-milimeters frame overlapping on the sash assures proper sealing
  • 13 mm distance from the axis of the fitting notch assures an optimal anti-burglar protection
  • Heat transfer coefficient for the reference window* Uw = 1,0 W/m2*K (for the glass-pane Ug = 0, W/m2*K)
  • A wide selection of veneer profiles assures making good choices to suit various styllings

Innowacyjne Technologie

Wital Windows uses the most up-to-date technological solutions available on the market. They work with suppliers of raw materials from all over the world from: Germany, Great Britain, USA, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, and Poland.


Wital is not only a nice looking profile, but is also a very good heat transfer coefficient at a low cost.

Polish Product

A fully automatic mixer allows Wital to produce PVC raw material for the production of window and door props of the highest quality. They combine western innovations, which form Polish products, products with modern fan, but also traditional renovation, with a design tailored to the needs and expectations of customers.

Wital is a company full of passion

Can you have a passion for window props? OF COURSE! If you think otherwise, you have not seen Wital. By choosing Wital, you do not only choose a quality product, but also their many years of experience and the idea of a company that puts the best quality of service, service and full of professionalism from which they are proud. The stable and sustainable development of new products that have gained recognition in the domestic and foreign markets from an increasing number of customers is proof of the correctness of the adopted development strategy. Using European funds, Wital creates modern, innovative and economical technologies that are refined from the market.

Colored Cores

Profile stained in the mass allows the windows to maintain aesthetic appearance in the event of mechanical damage that may occur during the many years of operation of window frames.


We use proven, very good quality veneers, characterized by high chemical resistance, resistance to weather conditions and temperature changes.